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10 Best Surfing Clothes and Apparels of 202110 Best Surfing Clothes and Apparels of 2021

If you love surfing, you must have come across the world’s most popular surfing apparel brands. Surfing is more than just investing in surfing equipment like surfboards; you need to wear the right kind of clothes to help you surf. Here are some of the leading surfing clothes and apparels brands in 2021:

  1. Billabong: This clothes brand is known for its witty taglines and makes snowboards, skateboards, bags and watches besides surfing clothes. It has started off as boards’ shorts designs which the founder Gordon Merchant started selling to local surf stores.
  2. Quiksilver: This is perhaps the most iconic of the leading global surf brands that has been around since 1969. It began as a small Torquay store in Australia and then when onto becomes one of the best-known brands in boards sports equipment and surf wear.  This influential brand is known for producing striking fashion for those into adventure sports, thereby making a splash in snowboard and ski apparels.
  3. Roxy: This can be your go-to surf apparel store because they cater to people seeking adventure. This surf brand has been catering to women clients ever since 1991 and evolved into a globally-known sports brand over the years. Surfing may be its main focus but the brand is producing snowboarding gear as well. The apparel can be bought conveniently using Bitcoin. Major ecommerce sites have incorporated Bitcoin as one form of payment. The trading bots such a bitcoin pro have made the bitcoin trade so simple that even the inexperienced traders are able to add Bitcoin to their wallets.
  4. Rip Curl: This brand has been a retailer and manufacturer of board wear and continues to be one of the biggest in the industry in North & South America, Australia, and South Africa. They are part of the “Big Three”, the others being Quiksilver and Billabong. Founded in 1969, they were originally into producing surfboards and then went onto making wetsuits.
  5. The Critical Slide Society: This Australian brand, founded in 2009, included photographers, designers, artists, and surfers from different corners of the world to create a unique style and outlook. They are known for detail-oriented designs and are now widely available in top US stores.
  6. RVCA: Founded by PM Tenore, it goes beyond traditional action sportswear and is a design-oriented lifestyle brand today. It was originally meant to be a platform that combined fashion, art, and modern lifestyle trends; their concepts and designs continue to inspire future generations.
  7. Volcom: It came about in 1991 and created products for passionate individuals. Its founders went on a snowboarding adventure that changed their lives and paved the way for Volcom. They did not have much idea about how to produce apparels but their spirit and creativity made it possible.
  8. Hurley: This US multinational brand has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing surfing gear and apparels for years making it one of the most trusted names. With headquarters in Costa Mesa, it started operations in 1979 and became founding partners for Billabongs US. Hurley continues to work with the finest surfers and skateboarders.
  9. Patagonia: Patagonia has been one of the leading brands in outerwear though it started as a producer of rock climbing equipment. Its founder Chouinard started learning how to become a blacksmith on his own and built a store for mountain-climbing accessories. Soon, it ventured into clothing, first selling rugby shirts, windcheaters, mittens and gloves, beanies, and finally, active sportswear.
  10.  O’Neill: This is California’s original lifestyle, snowboarding and surfing brand. It has been credited for making the first neoprene wetsuits, stitch less board shorts, rash guard, and board leash. It was one of America’s earliest surf brands and produces lifestyle apparels besides surf wear and aqua sportswear.